Earth & Spice Candle Co. is a woman-owned, eco-friendly business. Each candle is hand poured using quality ingredients.

Woman Behind the Candles:

Laura Rinehimer

Candles are a way to add peace, comfort and beautiful aroma to any space. I use the candles I make to meditate and relax. I hope that they bring my customers the same joy they bring me.

I started making candles using foraged materials I picked up from hiking adventures in the local woods. From pinecones in a fire starter to dried petals and medicinal herbs, each candle is connected to nature.

Aside from candle-making, I work as an Environmental Educator at a non-profit that helps clean up the local community and allows kids to explore nature. Using quality, eco-friendly materials is very important to me. That’s why I chose to work with the most sustainable and clean burning wax, coconut wax.

Thank you all for the support throughout this journey!

I’m always researching, experimenting and brainstorming to find ways to improve.
Each candle is hand-pored in small batches to ensure quality.
The candles go through rigorous testing before being added to my shop.

What makes us Ecofriendly?

The things that make us special

local foraged items​

We try to forage local items when possible according to the seasons. Think pressed flowers in Spring and pinecones in Fall.

coconut wax

No pesticides; uses all parts of the plant; burns cleaner and longer than any other wax; sustainable; Non-GMO; organic

renewable energy

100% Renewable energy match on webhost Coconut wax is a renewable resource.


Plastic is recycled into ecobricks which will be used to make schools in underprivileged areas