Sagittarius Zodiac Candle



Color: Punch – independence, ability to create

Gemstones: Amethyst – spiritual protection, inner strength, vibrancy, clarity of mind, opens 3rd eye

Petals: Chrysanthemum – inner wisdom, clarity, self healing energies

Herbs: Sage – wisdom, purification, redemption

Made while playing  406 Hz sound-waves

Scent: Amber Sensual

Golden amber, pink lotus petals, plum and creamy sandalwood all blended together in this alluring combination.

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8 oz. premium coconut wax candle in alluring Amber Sensual scent. Comes with a decorative Sagittarius charm. Candle contains:amethyst, chrysanthemum and sage.


Sagittarius Midnight (black vessel Smoky Mountain fragrance), Sagittarius Dawn (white vessel Amber Sensual fragrance)


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